Takbeer TV

Takbeer TV aims for its programming to appeal to both Muslims and non-Muslims. conveying true Islam values to curious both groups through fresh-contemporary programming. Including chat shows, current affairs, Islamic entertainment, and kids and youth programming.


The channel aims to be the leading light of Islamic entertainment. Promoting a set of values that act as an interface between different communities, in order to remove any harmful misconceptions. Using TV to convey a positive side to Islamic audiences.

Target Audience: ABC1 Adults, ABC1 Men, 16-34 Men

Pricing: CPS Based

Broadcast Details

Copy Deadline: 834

Broadcast Hours: 24Hours

Copy Deadline: Urdu, Punjabi and English

Copy Format: 4:3 Mini DV (Beta SP acceptable)

Copy Deadline: 1 Week

Programme Highlights

A drama show focusing on white-collar
Crime. With re-enactments of the unfolding stories. Exposing the different underhand techniques used to commit fraudulent and criminal activities.

Sport Zone

A daily dose of hockey, football, tennis, motorsports, with emphasis on the Pakistani sporting scene and an extensive coverage of

Mano Ya Na Mano

Real life ghost stories, tales of gruesome events and investigations into the world of the paranormal and supernatural.

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