Nollywood Movies

Nollywood is the Nigerian version of Bollywood and is the second largest producer of movies in the world after India’s. With more films made than the USA. Nollywood Movies is the only dedicated African movie channel in the whole of Europe. The direct to video market is thriving with almost 1,500 movies made each year.


The prolific number of movies available allows Nollywood Movies to show a network premier every day. Broadcasting the best of African Cinema Nollywood Movies is solid subscription choice for African viewers.

Target Audience: All Adults, HWWC

Pricing: Disc vs. CPT Based

Broadcast Details

Copy Deadline: 329

Broadcast Hours: 24Hours

Copy Deadline: English and Ghanaian

Copy Format: Beta SP

Copy Deadline: 1 week

Programme Highlights
The 7 O’clock Premier

The daily premier is a fixed appointment to view and is a great showcase for the Nigerian Film Industry with both high budget productions and low budget independent releases.


gives Nollywood film fans the inside scope on their favorite screen idols. The programme takes an in-depth look at actors lives on and off screen.


Nigeria’s most successful TV Soap in Nigeria. Set among the world of media types, this soap tracks the rivalry between two production houses as they battle for box office supremacy.

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