Geo Tez occupies a position of responsibility for presenting viewers with a credible and meaningful source of information, through quality programming based on real issues. GEO Tez provides the very latest stories and breaking news from the region. Pakistani viewers big consumers of news and GEO Tez is one of the best for giving viewers top quality programming.


GEO Tez aims to be the voice of Pakistan, reflecting the realities of day to day life. Deliberately bringing focus to the many issues facing the Pakistan today.

Target Audience: Adults, ABC1 Men

Pricing: Disc vs. CPT Based

Broadcast Details

Copy Deadline: 816

Broadcast Hours: 24Hours

Copy Deadline: Urdu / English

Copy Format: 1 Week

Copy Deadline: 4:3 Mini DV (Beta SP acceptable)

Programme Highlights

Breaking down and examining the stories making the headlines, Bucha the leading news anchors in Pakistan lends her eye for detail for an unbiased approach and impeccable dress sense.

Pachaas Minute Geo’s widely acclaimed weekly discussion program.

The best news coverage of all the breaking stories from Pakistan and Around the world.

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