ATN Bangla

Since it’s inception ATN Bangla has set out to provide family viewership for it’s audiences. With programming ranging from Dramas, News and Movies to Talk shows, Comedies and Reality Shows, the channel aims to bring the broadest entertainment to the UK’s Bangladeshi communities.


ATN Bangla UK aims to improve the quality of life of Bangladeshi people across the country, by providing meaningful content that informs, involves and inspires. In so doing, the channel ensures that its values and principles are adhere to in the provision of compelling and appealing programmes. While supporting distinctive quality services and helping to make them accessible throughout the communities and across the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Target Audience: Adults, 16-34, HWWC

Pricing: CPS Based

Broadcast Details

Copy Deadline: 827

Broadcast Hours: 24 Hours

Copy Deadline: Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, English, Sindhi, Hindi

Copy Format: 2 Week

Copy Deadline: Beta SP 4:3 & FTP

Programme Highlights
ATN Ranna ghar

A cooking show that explores and discovers new and exciting ways to cook Bangaldeshi food using recipes that capture the imagination of all.


Live talk show based on current and community issues in UK and Bangladesh. Experts, politicians and or community activists are invited to share their views and opinion with the audience.

Toto Company

A fun comedy series featuring a hilarious cast of popular Bangladeshi actors. Depicting the funny side of life in a rural
Community and the Contrast to living in the city.

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