ABN TV was created to bridge the gap between the ethnic and mainstream broadcasting, specifically to reflect the interest and aspirations of the African-Caribbean, British and European communities.
To make this possible ABN TV has put the emphasis on quality through the style and contents of its programming, reflecting strong family values.
ABN TV aims to empathise with it’s ethnic audience group through its choice of programmes and programme makers.


ABN TV’s ethos is to make itself relevant to the 3 million plus African-Caribbean’s living in the UK and five million plus in Europe. Attracting second and third generation African-Caribbean. Aiming to stay relevant at all times within it’s programming and objectives, achieving this without compromising it’s high production values.

Target Audience: Adults, HWCH, Women

Pricing: Disc vs. CPT Based

Broadcast Details

Copy Deadline: 235

Broadcast Hours: 24 hours

Copy Deadline: English and Ghanaian

Copy Format: 4:3 Beta SP

Copy Deadline: 1 Week

Programme Highlights
African Movies

In Recent years there has been an explosion in African movie making. With many films becoming mainstream; enjoyed by a large number of non African viewers. All African movies on ABN are aimed at broad audiences.

Me & Mi Kru

Imagine The Beverly Hill Billies in a modern setting. Now move the whole thing to Jamaica.
Top comedy Me & Mi Kru; Follows the exploits of lottery winner Junior Hype and his posse as they try to Enter the music industry.

Ridims Factory

The very best in Afro Beats and Caribbean rhythms, plus the latest home grown hits from
Black British artists.

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