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EMS can bring you the greatest cross section of ethnic media than any other UK media company!

EMS represents a variety  of different media brands across a number of different media platforms. Television – Press – Online – Radio – Mobile.

Working to achieve the same goals as our clients, EMS aims to provide a holistic 360 degree approach to ethnic consumers. Working across various media platforms EMS can provide advertisers with unrivalled reach across the UK’s ethnic groups, South Asian, Afro Caribbean, East Asian and Polish groups are all covered under the EMS portfolio. Through the strategic use of EMS media vehicles, advertisers can reach the largest untapped ethnic groups in the country. Additionally, EMS can offer unique communication plans created to specific requirements. Sampling, research studies, competitions and direct marketing. Geared towards brand communication on both a national and macro/local levels


<b>Anthony Greenidge</b>


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Anthony Greenidge

<b>John De Napoli </b>

Managing Director

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John De Napoli

<strong>Niki Usher</strong><b> </b>

Operations Director

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Niki Usher

Mark Smith

<b>Alex Forbes</b>

Sales Director

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Alex Forbes

Joint History

John and Anthony joined forces 10 years ago, over that time they have both been instrumental in the developing face of the UK media industry. John being the first individual in the UK to open an independent third party television sales company. This lead to the launch of MEMS and after joining forces with Anthony they went on to build the largest ethnic media Company in Europe generating multimillion pounds in turnover for their many media partners. Mark started working with John and Anthony during this time proving instrumental in a developmental role.

The MEMS company acquired by Sky Media (Oct 13), leading to the launch of EMS. The newest development in ethnic media, EMS is focused on providing 360 degree communications packages across a number of platforms to both advertisers and media agencies and since launched EMS has rapidly established itself as the largest specialist sales point in Europe 

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